Promoting the sound and natural walking horse


The Walking Horse, the sole possessor of a uniquely inherited gait, a naturally-smooth, flowing 4-beat walk. Its gentleness and versatility make it an excellent family horse in the show ring and on the trails. For over a century, this horse has been walking naturally proud through American history.

To improve the lives of horses and people by encouraging responsibility and sportsmanship. It promotes educational and recreational activities while preserving the unique qualities of the Walking Horse. Our rules are structured to protect the welfare of the horse and provide an equitable horse-show affiliation program in which they may be exhibited, judged, and showcased in full compliance with the Federal Horse Protection Act of 1970. Our inspectors are USDA certified and take pride in providing thorough and fair inspections. And, our judges are committed to fair judging with an understanding of the true gaits of the Walking Horse.



NWHA provides many opportunities for our members and their walking horses. The NWHA members are proud and dedicated to showcasing the naturally-gaited walking horse at its very best. Member horses are humanely trained and with respect; exhibit sportsmanship and camaraderie; and donate their time and talents wherever possible to the organization. 

The business and property of the NWHA is managed and governed by the membership elected Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.  
Comprised of  4 geographical NWHA regions, each represented by 2 Directors in residence and an Executive Committee composed of 5 executive officers. Annual elections are held for each executive office consisting of 1 year terms and directors,  serve staggered 3 year office terms


NWHA is a non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) organization that operates on members’ fees and contributions and donations.

We are the breed alliance partner for the Tennessee Walking Horse with the United States Equestrian Federation.  

Each year NWHA represents our mission at various educational opportunities such as: trade shows, equestrian clinics, demonstrations and other events.

The National Walking Horse Association is an USDA certified Horse Industry Organization (HIO).  As an HIO, the NWHA provides Designated Qualified Personnel (DQP) services for affiliated horse shows, sales and events for the Tennessee Walking Horse and other gaited breeds. The purpose of NWHA HIO is to protect the integrity of the naturally gaited Walking horse and prevent soring tactics in accordance with the Horse Protection Act (HPA).  NWHA ensures fair, fun and compliant events throughout the United States.


Founded in 1998, the National Walking Horse Association is a Non-Profit charitable business providing a safe and fair showing environment for the Tennessee Walking horse.