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NWHA offers both classical and western dressage disciplines for the gaited horse.

Emphasis of horsemanship and natural movement fosters the best horse and rider team!

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Western Intro/Basic
Champion: Rowdy Spirit, Martha Child - 74.000%
Reserve Champion:  No Tango Dinero, Kathee McGuire - 72.780%
Third Place:  Banner's Dixie Bell, Marilyn McLeod - 70.800%
Fourth Place:  Simpley Shocking, Katie Tanner - 68.900%
Fifth Place:  Sir Albert, Susan Havard - 65.833%
Sixth Place:  I'm Ebony's Dixie Delight, Susan Silver - 57.140%

Western Training Level
Champion: Super Texas Twister, Kathy Carlson - 65.926%

Western Third Level
Champion: All Around Midnight, Scot MacGregor - 71.100%

Musical Freestyle

Champion:  Sir Albert, Susan Havard - 73.700% 

Introductory Level
Champion:  Avenger's Band-A-Gold, Michelle Guinn - 67.188%

Reserve Champion:  Sir Albert, Susan Havard - 64.060%

Training Level   
Champion:  Gaitin Diva, Dana Hannan - 66.100%

First Level                        
Champion:  Banner's Dixie Bell, Marilynne MacLeod - 68.500%
Reserve Champion:  Gaitin Diva, Dana Hannan - 64.400%

Second Level
Champion:  All Around Midnight, Scot MacGregor - 59.900%


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