Promoting the sound and natural walking horse

Versatility is one of the greatest traits of this wonderful breed.  Due to their solid conformation, amiable disposition and smooth gait, these horses are the perfect choice for doing just about anything!  Whether you are challenged on the trail or driving for pleasure - give versatility a try.  You never know what you and your horse can accomplish! 


The Versatility Program provides a venue for owners to showcase the versatility of the breed in classes other than "Rail". This program recognizes the versatility of the walking horse and its inherent ability to do whatever the rider wishes.  The following classes are considered "versatility" type classes in any show or event:

  • Barrel Racing
  • Pole Bending
  • Basic Reining
  • English/Western Riding
  • Dressage (all types)
  • Driving (Pleasure, Obstacle, Combined)
  • Equitation (all types)
  • Hunter Over Fences (including Hunter Hack)
  • Judged Pleasure Riding (Judged Trail Rides)
  • Obstacle Trail Rides
  • Rider-To-Judge classes
  • Showmanship (all types)
  • Timed Speed Events (Keyhole, Indiana Flags, Down-N-Back, Catalogue Race, Ribbon Race etc)
  • Trail Obstacle (including Liberty)
  • Untimed Speed Events (Egg-N-Spoon, Ride-A-Buck)
  • Water Glass

The NWHA Versatility program is also part of the Annual Year End Award program for those NWHA Members competing at NWHA Sanctioned events.  However, if there isn't an NWHA sanctioned event in your area, there is always the Lifetime Superior Achievement Program (LSAP).  This program supports all facets of the walking horse in any event whether it is NWHA sanctioned or not.  If competing on the rail doesn't support your aspirations with your walking horse, consider the versatility program.  These are great events that take a true horse/rider team to compete in.  Rest assurred - you have chosen the greatest breed that has the ability to do all of these events.  They are ready, willing and able!  Consider versatility for your next challenge!