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For those NWHA members who are hosting, managing or considering organizing a Competitive Trail Competition or endurance ride, may want to sanction their event with NWHA.   


  • Trail Event orgainzer completes the "Sanctioned Competitive Trail Recognition Form" and submits it to the NWHA Office along with the fee.  
  • Once the form is received and confirmed, the NWHA office will post it on the NWHA website calendar. 
  • The event organizer may write a short course description that can be posted on the NWHA website calendar as well.  


  • Competitive Trail Competitions cover a set mileage (minimum of (3) miles and must contain at least (3) obstacles. 
  • Endurance rides must be a minimum of (25) miles.
  • Stadium obstacle courses and trail obstacle courses at horse shows must have at least (6) obstacles. 
  • For those with log books, event organizer information must be included.  

Benefit:  Sanctioning a competitive trail competition or endurance ride will accrue double hours/time for those NWHA members that are enrolled in the CHIP program.  

Trail Ride

For those NWHA members who are considering hosting, managing or organization pleasure trail rides may want to sanction their event with NWHA.  


  • The trail ride organizer will complete a “Sanctioned Trail Ride Recognition Form” and submit it to the corporate office either electronically or on paper (mail, fax) along with the current fees noted on the application.
  • The Director of Operations will affirm that the form is received.
  • The Director of Operations will add the event date, time and location to the NWHA calendar so that it appears on the website.
  • If the event organizer wishes, they may write a short ride description to be posted on the web site along with the date and time.

Benefit:  Sanctioning a trail ride will accrue double hours/times for the NWHA members that are enrolled in the TRIP program.  


Competitive Trail Event Sanction

The NWHA Trail Program offers the opportunity to sanction your trail event.  Whether you are just putting together a group of riders to put miles in on some trails or maybe you want to put some challenging obstacles on the trail, consider sanctioning your  trail ride or your competitive trail event with NWHA.