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Trail Rider Incentive Program (TRIP) is complimentary trail program designed for riders who would rather spend a day on the trails than anywhere else. TRIP is open to all NWHA members and any gaited horse owned by a member of NWHA.  Riders and horses accrue hours on the trails in this FREE program and may earn year end awards for enjoying their horse and the great outdoors.

TRIP award categories:

High Hour Adult Rider

High Hour Horse

High Hour Youth Rider  

Hour Accrual:

  • TRIP awards are based on actual hours in the saddle and are awarded at the first 100 hours and every 250 hour increments thereafter.  
  • Time counts only when actually trail riding. There is no credit given for arena riding, showing, riding in parades or riding within a ½ mile of the owner’s residence.  
  • Trail hours will be counted in ¼ hour (15 minute) increments, with time rounded to the nearest ¼ hour and with a ½ hour minimum per ride. 

NWHA sanctioned trail rides and Best of America By Horseback (BOABH) designated rides/events will accrue double hours/time!

 TRIP also awards a special distance prize to the TRIP member accumulating the highest number of hours at American Field Trial events. TRIP members must note in their trail logs any rides that are field trials for participation/eligibility.


Competitive Horse Incentive Program (CHIP) is designed for NWHA members who compete in any type of  competitive trail event such as competitive trail rides, stadium trail obstacle classes or endurance rides. Mileage accumulated at such events can lead to the distinguished award of:

Competitive Trail Horse of the Year

Mileage Accrual:

  • CHIP awards are mileage based and awarded at the first 100 miles and every 250 mile increments thereafter.
  • Trail miles will be counted in ¼ mile increments, with the miles rounded out to the nearest ¼ mile.

NWHA sanctioned endurance or competitive trail events will count double the actual amount of miles covered.

Enrollment: FREE with paid annual membership 

The NWHA Trail Program offers a variety of hacking options designed for the trail enthusiast.  Earn program awards for riding your horse out on the trails or challenge the many endurance rides or competitive trail events around the globe.

Enjoying bridle paths throughout the country and abroad, NWHA supports charitable and humanitarian efforts while promoting equestrian trail activities.


Trail Rider Incentive Program

Competitive Horse Incentive Program



Logs must be received (postmarked or emailed) by October 15 each year to be eligible for the year-end awards.  The trail program award year begins Oct 1 and ends Sep 30.