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    Bucky Sparks Ride-A-Long

    April 28, 2014 (9:00 am):  Come ride the trail with Bucky Sparks in Jones Park Conroe Texas- natural dressage gaited trainer from Colorado will be riding the trails and answering questions and addressing concerns.  Contact Marlene Hessen (480) 518-6354 or e-mail marlenehessen@gmail.com  Cost:  $20 per rider.

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    2013 NWHA Trail Winners!

    Putting “time in the saddle” takes on different meanings when you are a trail rider.  Congratulations to all of our 2013 Trail Winners and for all of the hours you have logged “putting your time in the saddle”.  There is no better place to be on the trail than with your walking horse!  Keep on […]

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    Late Breaking News!! REGION 4 – GET READY TO SHOW!!!!

    April 26, 2014:  NWHA Versatility Show and Region 4 Championship at The Amazing Gaits Equestrian Center.  Dressage begins at 8:30 am and rail classes at 10:00 am.  Contact Kathee McGuire by phone or text at 251-605-7066 or kathee@mcguireservices.org  or check out their website at  Amazing Gaits Equestrian Center.  Amazing Gaits Showbill

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Organization and Industry Information

    From the office of The National Walking Horse Association:  Reaffirming our commitment to continued communication, we have a number of positive highlights and continued momentum to share in our organization. Organizational updates: Recently, Kathie Morrow accepted a new position with another organization. We would like to formally thank Kathy for all of her many efforts and contributions […]

  • ACTHA Gives

    The CHiPs are starting to roll in and the Trail Season has begun!

    NWHA and ACTHA has partnered up for our first affiliated ride of the season.  The Healing Touch Therapeutic Riding Center in St Cloud, Florida has scheduled their first ride for May 3rd – 4th.  Contact Chris or Mary at: 407 405-7850 or healingtouchtherapeutic@yahoo.com  Register  www.actha.us.   ACTHA Ride Flyer

The Mission of NWHA

  • To promote the general welfare of the Walking Horse
  • To serve as an advocate for the Walking Horse against abusive and inhumane treatment
  • To increase public awareness of the natural abilities of the Walking Horse
  • To increase the proficiency of the National Walking Horse Association members in all matters of horsemanship
  • To serve as a communication hub for the Walking Horse industry and other equine groups

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